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Blockman GO is a game full of fun and adventure. Join your friends in this unique world and create amazing things together!
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Blockman GO is a free app including minigames, chatting and making friends. While you play the exciting block style games here, chat with your new found buddies and make sure to visit the block world.

I just installed this awesome game in my phone and I love the cute graphics and the awesome features it includes. It’s a good time pass for me when I don’t have anything to do.

The game is just perfect for all the gamers out there who are looking for something that’s not too hard or can be completed easily.

Blockman Go MOD Features

This game consists of different minigames that are all easy to complete. The game is free and there is no need of any kind of payment or payment information before you can start playing. There are also various levels in the game, so it’s challenging enough for all types of gamers out there.

The graphics of this game are so cute and perfect for the little ones out there who want to enjoy playing games too. I am really impressed with how quickly I got to know new friends while I was playing this game on my phone. It’s just awesome!

Various Games

There are various minigames that allow multiple players to play together and continuously update the games. Users can join games by a simple tap, too!

Avatars that you can modify

The dressing system provides a lot of variety in the form of different ways to dress up. You can be as stylish or simple as you want and walk around like your favorite celebrity! The application also makes recommendations for what clothes will suit you best, so there’s no way not to look fabulous while using it. Download now and become the most popular person.

A chat messaging system

Blockman GO is a multiplayer game that allows you to chat with your friends. You can connect using in-game messaging, private messages, and groups!

Gender-specific decorations

In order to create a role, you should pay attention to the different decorations provided by the system based on your gender.


The more you score, the better your rewards. You can purchase decorations and items with gold that is earned from mini games. VIP players get a 20% discount on decoration as well as daily gifts of coins among other benefits.”

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The game is quite simple to play with the blocks being the basic unit of which all gameplay mechanics are based around. The controls are easy to learn and there are also two difficulty settings that can be switched between, too. The graphics in the game are also amazing and it’s quite fun playing it. You get to chat with your new found friends and dress up your avatar too. The minigames are also quite fun to play and there are thousands of players that you can interact with.

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Q: How do I know if Blockman GO is free?

A: Blockman GO is 100% free when downloaded, there is no need for any in-app purchases.

Q: What are the games like in Blockman GO?

A: There are various minigames in Blockman GO including Friends, Tag, Connect Four and more.

Q: Who can use Blockman GO?

A: Anyone that has an iOS or Android device can download and play Blockman GO!

Q: How do I play this game?

A: All you have to do is download Blockman Go from the Playstore. The app includes different features that are all quite easy to use.

Q: How do I get started with Blockman GO?

A: You just have to download the app from the Playstore and you’re good to go!

Playing Tips

The game is quite simple and easy to learn and you don’t need any prior experience before playing. Just tap and drag your finger on the screen to move around and press the button on the bottom-right to jump.

You will also come across different blocks while playing the game. If you want to move a block that’s lying next to an obstacle, then just press on it for a second or two and it’ll instantly get picked up.

There are also different levels in Blockman GO, so if you find a level too challenging, you can either try again or switch the difficulty setting.

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Sounds and graphics

The sounds in the game are quite pleasant to listen to in my opinion. I’m pretty fond of the music that’s played in the background when playing. It can also get a little hectic sometimes when there are too many blocks on the screen at once, but it’ll be okay if you just keep your cool and take your time with things. The graphics are just amazing too- I haven’t really seen anything like this before!


There are various minigames that you can play in Blockman GO, including Race, Puzzle, Connect 4 and more!

Chat features

The chat feature in Blockman GO can be used to connect with players from around the world. You can use your microphone to talk to other players or use the chat system for private messages too!


There are different kinds of blocks that you get to collect while playing- normal, rare, epic and super- rare ones. The more you play with the different kinds of blocks, the better your chances are of getting a rare one!


There are a variety of different characters to choose from when playing Blockman GO including Naruto, Goku and Bleach characters.

Special blocks

In Blockman GO, there are special blocks that can be collected during play. These include the fire block which you can use to light up torches and the ice block can also help you freeze water or lava!


There are over 70 levels for players to go through and unlock during play, so if you become stuck or have completed all the levels it’s time to join a guild!

Final verdict

Blockman GO is a fun and engaging game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. It’s the perfect free app to take your mind off of things while still having something to do- I highly recommend it!