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Merge 3 or more items to create new and unique objects. Collect all the items to complete the puzzle and earn rewards. Use your Gems and Energy wisely to help you progress through the levels.
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Merge 3 Puzzle is a puzzle game with a unique twist. The goal is to merge three similar tiles together to create a new, larger tile. The more tiles you can merge, the more points you get and the higher your score gets. There are also power-ups that can help you during the game, such as removing tiles or doubling the size of your pieces.

EverMerge: Merge 3 Overview

Merge 3 is a popular puzzle game that has been released on Android devices. The goal of the game is to merge three similar pieces together to form a new, larger piece.

There are many different ways to play the game, and each mode offers a different challenge. You can play the game single player or multiplayer with friends.

The game features an unlimited money system that allows you to purchase additional pieces and upgrades. Merge 3 is a fun and addicting game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

EverMerge: Merge 3 Features

EverMerge is a new puzzle game that combines the fun of a merge puzzle with the excitement of a MOD game. In EverMerge, you will need to combine three tiles to form a larger tile. The larger tile will then disappear and you will need to find it before the time runs out.

There are many different types of puzzles in EverMerge, so there is sure to be something that you will enjoy. You can play the easy puzzles or the harder puzzles that are full of complications.


In each level, you will need to explore the area to find the larger tile. This can be done by moving your characters around and examining the environment.


In order to solve the puzzles, you will need to combine tiles with other players. Connect to other players online and compete against them to see who can solve the puzzles the fastest.


In EverMerge, you are not alone in your quest for the larger tile. Form communities with other players and help each other out as you work together to solve the puzzles.


In EverMerge, you will need to use your brain to solve the match-3 puzzles. The puzzles are challenging but fun and there are many different types of puzzles to choose from.


In EverMerge, you are in control of the environment. You can design your own levels and worlds and share them with other players.


In each level, you will find magical treasures that you can use to help you solve the puzzles. Collect as many treasures as you can and use them to help you solve the puzzles faster.

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EverMerge is a puzzle game that challenges players to merge two colors of blocks together to create new colors. The goal is to reach the top of the screen and collect as many coins as possible.

To merge two blocks, players must click on them and then drag them together. When two blocks are merged, they will change color and disappear from the playing field. The object is to merge as many blocks as possible until you reach the top of the screen and collect all the coins.

The game is played in a grid format, with each row containing a different number of blocks. The player must move their cursor over one block at a time and decide which one to merge with another block. If the player makes a mistake while merging blocks, they will lose points and progress will be halted until they fix their mistake.

There are several different modes available in EverMerge: Classic, Timed, and Survival Mode. In Classic Mode, players must survive for a set amount of time without dying. In Timed Mode, players have a set amount of time to merge as many blocks as possible before they are sent back to the starting screen. And in Survival Mode, players must score as much points as possible by

How to Play EverMerge?

EverMerge is a fun and challenging puzzle game that can be played on your android device. The object of the game is to merge two similar pieces together until they form a larger piece. This can be done by either sliding them together or combining them with other pieces.

To start the game, select one of the many levels that are available. Once you have selected your level, you will be presented with a grid of pieces. You will need to move the pieces around so that they fit into the designated space and then merge them together. Once the pieces have been merged, they will disappear and you will be able to move on to the next level.

If you are having difficulty completing a level, you can use the undo function to restore any mistakes that you may have made. You can also purchase additional coins if needed. This will allow you to purchase more powerful pieces that will make it easier for you to complete the levels.

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Merge 3 Puzzle MOD APK is a very interesting puzzle game that you can play on your android device. The objective of the game is to merge three similar tiles together by sliding them left to right, top to bottom or vice versa. You can also swap two tiles if they are of the same color. If you manage to merge all three tiles together, then you will be awarded with money and points. The more difficult the level becomes, the more money and points you will earn. Enjoy playing Merge 3 Puzzle MOD APK!