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Glory of Generals mod apk (Unlimited Everything) takes you into a world filled with action and strategy. This war is far from over, and there are many more battles yet to come.
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Glory of Generals mod apk is a military strategy game. It is your job to use the battlefield terrains and defense facilities and the expertise of each unit to gain an advantage over your opponent. Cutting enemy retreat routes or encircling them will have an impact on the battlefield situation. How you deploy land, naval, and air forces is something that you are constantly thinking about to try and take your opponents key strongholds. Accumulating enough medals through battles will help guide you on your way from a soldier to a marshal.

glory of generals mod apk

Upgrading military facilities in the headquarters will provide essential supplies during wartime. You must take advantage of every officer’s expertise- from reconnaissance soldiers to tank crews- as you push your way through the enemy’s defenses.

Glory of Generals Features

  1. Various battle modes (campaign, online PvP multiplayer, and hot seat).
  2. Three different roles to play on the battlefield: Commander, Officer, and Soldier. Each role is essential in its way. Commanders give orders to officers and soldiers on how to handle their units during battles. Soldiers fight alongside their comrades on the battlefield. Officers are encouraged to constantly be on the move, overseeing combat situations and providing support where it is most needed.
  3. The game features a total of 10 different maps for battle, each featuring terrain that can be used in various ways to gain an advantage over your opponent (hills, cliffs, rivers, etc.)
  4. 90 different types of units available to be deployed in battle, each with their own unique attributes and abilities (infantry, tanks, recon troops, artillery, aircraft, and warships)
  5. A wide array of weapons are available to choose from: machine guns, rifles, howitzers. You will also get your hands on advanced weaponry later on in the game.
  6. Various kinds of equipment to choose from: barbed wire, mines, barricades, sandbags.
  7. Tactical maps! Use them as a reference to get an idea of where your units are on the field and what they face. Remember though- the terrain may seem flat while viewing it from above, but that does not mean it is completely level. Hills, cliffs, mountains, and rivers can all be found on the maps (as well as newly added forests).
  8. Play through a full-fledged campaign featuring intense battles while following an intriguing storyline.
  9. Defend your honor and pride by battling against other generals from around the globe in online PvP multiplayer mode.
  10.  Play hot seat and PvP gameplay against up to 5 other players. Use wireless connection for local multiplayer with phones or tablets, or play online with your friends anywhere in the world.

Glory of Generals mod apk gameplay

Glory of Generals have both turn-based and real-time gameplay. The game offers multiplayer modes as well as skirmish battles that can be played against the computer. There are also many modes such as campaign mode, online PvP multiplayer mode, and hot-seat mode (local multiplayer). You can customize your gameplay by choosing one of three roles: Commander, Officer, or Soldier. Commanders give orders to officers and soldiers on how to handle their units during battles.

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In contrast, Officers are encouraged to constantly be on the move, overseeing combat situations and providing support where needed. And Soldiers fight along with their comrades on the battlefields. Glory of Generals also features ten different maps for battle, which means you can have more than one battle at a time.

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This game is a lot of fun and is an excellent way to exercise your strategy skills. The multiplayer modes are a great way to interact with your friends or get the competitive juices flowing. The graphics are also really good and make playing the game satisfying.

Overall, this is a great strategy game and I definitely recommend giving it a shot.