Hero Hunters MOD APK 2022 (Unlimited Money and Gold)


Hero Hunters is a great mobile shooter with a lot to offer. The game has excellent gunplay, a huge roster of unique heroes, and strategic team-based gameplay. In addition, the game has beautiful graphics, unlimited money/gold and runs smoothly on even mid-range devices.
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Deca Games
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The most incredible free online multiplayer hero-based battle royale on mobile. Ally with friends to ensure survival! Join epic games in Co-op Missions and compete world wide in real time PvP battles. Wage war with your army of heroes, equipped with guns, sniper rifles, swords etc… Participate in events daily including gauntlet mode or boss raids.

Hero Hunters is a third-person shooter with MOBA mechanics. In this multiplayer online battle arena, two teams fight for survival. Each team has a base, in which a portal to another dimension opens periodically. The objective of the game mode is either to defend your own base from waves of incoming heroes or monsters, or to attack the enemy’s base. The game is in third-person perspective, unlike its traditional MOBA predecessor Vainglory.

Hero Hunters MOD APK INTRO

When your hero is out of the battle, you can switch freely between heroes on respawn or when they die, allowing you to change tactics when things aren’t going well for your team. You are able to run around the map and purchase items from shops.

Additional information

App NameHero Hunters
Latest Version5.7
File Size133 MB
DeveloperDeca Games
Requirement4.4 and up
Worldwide Downloads10 Million+
Root RequiredNo
Modified FeaturesUnlimited Money & Unlimited Gold

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Hero hunters mod features

Here are some of the great features you can expect from the hero hunters mod:


World class gun play

Hero Hunters has some of the best gunplay of any mobile shooter out there. The guns have a great weight to them, and each one feels unique. The recoil is also perfectly tuned, giving you a sense of feedback without being overwhelming. In addition, the aiming system is extremely precise, making it easy to land headshots on even the most distant targets. Third-person shooter fans will be right at home with the gunplay in Hero Hunters.

A huge roster of unique heroes

One of the best things about Hero Hunters is the massive roster of unique heroes that you can play as. Each hero has their own unique set of abilities, weapons, and perks, which allows you to tailor your team to fit your playstyle. In addition, the heroes all look great, with a wide variety of designs and visual styles. You’re sure to find a hero that you love in Hero Hunters.

Strategic team-based gameplay

Hero Hunters is a team-based game, and working together is essential to victory. You’ll need to communicate with your teammates and make use of each hero’s unique abilities in order to succeed. In addition, the games are fairly long, giving you plenty of time to come up with strategic plans and execute them. If you’re looking for a thinking man’s shooter, Hero Hunters is the game for you.

A variety of game modes

In addition to the standard team deathmatch mode, Hero Hunters also features a number of other game modes, such as capture the flag and a mode where you have to escort a VIP to safety. These modes add a lot of variety to the game, and keep things from getting too stale.

Real-time pvp tactical battle mode

Every move must be carefully planned and executed in order to secure victory. In this real-time PvP tactical battle mode, players will face off against each other in fierce combat. There is no room for mistakes; every decision could mean the difference between life and death. With high stakes and intense action, this mode is sure to keep players on the edge of their seats.

Beautiful graphics

Hero Hunters features some of the best graphics of any mobile shooter. The environments are detailed and well-designed, and the characters look great. The game runs smoothly on even mid-range devices, making it easy to enjoy the visuals without sacrificing performance.

Command your heroes in intense real-time battles

In Hero Hunters, you’ll take control of your team of heroes in intense real-time battles. You’ll need to make use of each hero’s unique abilities in order to succeed. The battles are fast-paced and exciting, and you’ll need quick reflexes and strategic thinking in order to win.

Multiple modes

The game has a variety of play options, with the primary one being “Heroes vs. Monsters” (HvM). In this mode, each team has a base and portal to the monster dimension. The objective is to defend your own base from waves of incoming heroes or monsters, or else to attack the enemy’s base and destroy it. HvM also features the gauntlet mode and boss raids where players must fight off waves of enemies. Players can team up in Co-op Missions and play public PvP battles for leaderboard standing and prizes.


More features

  • Hero Hunters has a thousands of ways for you to customize your hero.
  • You can combine three of five catagories (Basic, Unique, Elite) of abilities through the skills tree.
  • Your weapon can be upgraded with up to 4 perks (power/reload/crit chance) and two special abilities, such as grenades or rockets.
  • Your hero’s body has 8 different skins which you can also upgrade with perk slots (3 levels), along side 5 ranks for your character.
  • You can buy special boxes with tokens to get more skins, perk slots and upgrade materials.

Players reviews

Hero Hunters is a great game for friends and family. The graphics are top notch, and the gameplay is intense and exciting. You can level up by acquiring badges or participating in events. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a great mobile shooter.

Hero Hunters is a great mobile shooter with a lot to offer. The game has excellent gunplay, a huge roster of unique heroes, and strategic team-based gameplay. In addition, the game has beautiful graphics and runs smoothly on even mid-range devices.

How to Install Hero Hunters MOD APK on Android?

The installation process for this app is very easy. There are only a few steps you have to follow in order install Hero Hunters MOD APK on your Android device and make sure that the unknown sources option has been enabled before proceeding with further actions:

Allow unknown sources

First off, tap settings from within your home screen menu or utility drawer (depending upon what type of phone/tablet defendant). Next enable ‘Unknown Sources’ by checking the box or toggling the switch (again, depending upon your device).

  • Click the above download button to get the mod apk file of Hero Hunters then open it and click install.
  • Now you have to wait until the installation process is completed, it takes few seconds to complete.
  • After installation, you can launch the game by using the shortcut that has been created on your home screen or within your app drawer.


Hero Hunters is an incredible free online multiplayer game for mobile devices. It’s a third-person shooter with MOBA mechanics, allowing you to switch freely between heroes on respawn or when they die to change tactics when things aren’t going well. With so many customizable options and play modes available, there are plenty of ways to customize your own hero in Hero Hunters that will suit any player’s style. Join the action now!