Mr Autofire MOD APK 2023 (Unlimited Money/One Hit)


Shooting games are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They're fun, challenging, and can be addictive.
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Shooting games are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They’re fun, challenging, and can be addictive. But what makes Mr. Autofire stand out from the crowd? For one, the game is action-packed and thrilling. You’ll have to use your brains as well as your shooting skills to survive in this alien world. Second, the game has a unique adventure combination that makes it special. You play as a character who must explore the alien world and shoot down fearsome aliens.

If you’re a fan of action games , then you should definitely download Mr. Autofire MOD APK and give it a try!


Unlimited Gems & Coins

This app is filled with unlimited gems and coins, so you can play as long as you want without having to worry about money. Mr Autofire has different levels and characters to unlock, along with power ups and upgrades. The objective of the game is to shoot as many targets as possible within a set time limit. So if action-packed gameplay is what you are after, then look no further than Mr Autofire!

One Hit Kill

In this game, you play the role of a criminal mastermind who is out to kill as many police officers as possible. With different weapons and ammunition at your disposal, it’s up to you to figure out the best way to take them down. The faster you can finish the level, the more points you earn – which translates into money. Use your skills and weapons wisely in order to achieve the most successful outcome!

Wide Variety of Perks

There are a lot of great perks available in the game, from money bonuses to powerful weapons and abilities. You can also customize your character’s appearance to make them unique. The gameplay is extremely addictive and you will never get tired of playing it. The game offers a wide variety of levels, ensuring that everyone will find something they enjoy.

Characters Unlocked

Characters Unlocked is a game where you play as one of Mr. Autofire’s assistants and help him clear levels. By unlocking characters, you can increase your chances of finishing the game faster. Each character has their own unique abilities that will make the game harder or easier depending on the situation.

No Ads

No Ads is a game that’s all about making money without spending any of your own. The game has no ads or in-app purchases – it’s the perfect experience for those who want to focus on the gameplay rather than being distracted by irrelevant marketing materials. The aim of the game is to shoot as many targets as possible within a set time limit, while avoiding getting hit yourself. Players can compete against the computer or another player online and earn points for each target they hit successfully. As you progress through the levels, it gets harder and harder to make money – but this isn’t because you’re spending more money! In fact, if anything, No Ads makes it easier for players to save up money since there are no pesky ads cluttering up their screen!

Features Explanation

Mr Autofire is a mobile game that combines the fun of action-based games with the strategic gameplay of multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA). The game is free to download and play, and users can download the mod apk to unlimited money and unlimited hits. The goal of the game is to defeat all other players by destroying their base or exterminating all of their troops. Players can also collect resources such as gold, diamond, and cards which they use to strengthen their team. As the game progresses, players must strategize and make the most of their opportunities in order to stay ahead of the competition. So download the mod apk now and start playing Mr Autofire to unlimited money and one hit wins!


This game features an innovative combo system that lets you unleash powerful attacks at any time. Be one of the first to reach the top of the leaderboard and claim your spot as king or queen of the castle! In addition to the thrilling action, the game features an innovative graphics and sound design that will immerse you in the experience. Don’t miss out on this mysterious experience!


The game is simple – you shoot as many targets as possible in limited time. With no ads or other distractions, POWDER OF CONQUER will keep you entertained for hours on end. Plus, the highscore table keeps you coming back for more. So what are you waiting for? download the app now and start shooting targets!


Are you ready for a fight? Mr Autofire is the game for you. This MOD APK will give you unlimited money and one hit, so it’s time to FIGHT! In this action-packed game, you’ll need to collect as many coins as possible before the timer runs out. Don’t wait any longer – download Mr Autofire today and start the fight of your life! There are NO ads or in-game purchases, so it’s FREE to play!

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About Gameplay

If you’re looking for an exciting game that will keep you entertained for hours on end, then look no further than Mr. Autofire MOD APK. In this game, you play the role of a deadly assassin who must gun down your targets in order to complete each level. A variety of weapons are available for you to use, which will help you survive longer in each round of gameplay. The objective is to shoot all of the targets before they blast away at innocent bystanders – and earn as much money as possible along the way. This game is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time, and is a great way to pass the time. So download and start playing today!

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There’s just something about the feeling of taking down enemies or bosses with ease that’s exhilarating. And that’s exactly what the Mr. Autofire MOD APK (Unlimited Money/One Hit) app provides. It’s easy to download and use, so you can start blasting away right away. Plus, the app comes with a range of features that will help you stay safe online. Whether you’re looking to take down enemies in the game or online predators, Mr. Autofire is the perfect mod for you! And if you’re feeling extra risky, download the mod and enjoy unlimited money and one hit kills – guaranteed!

Graphics and sound

Graphics and sound play a significant role in the user experience of an app. Mr Autofire MOD APK offers great graphics and sounds that keep users entertained for hours on end. The one hit feature makes the game fast-paced and exciting, keeping users engaged and coming back for more. If you’re looking for an addictive yet challenging mobile game, look no further than Mr Autofire MOD APK!

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If you’re looking for a shooting game that will let you unlimited money and unlimited shots, then you should download Mr. Autofire MOD APK. This game is a lot different than the other shooting games out there, as it lets you one-hit the targets. Furthermore, the game is easy to play and doesn’t require a lot of strategy. If you’re looking for an exciting shooting game that will let you have fun without having to spend a lot of money, then download Mr. Autofire MOD APK today!