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Paradise Island 2: Hotel Game one of our favorite games, build your empire from a bunch of straw huts into an elite 5-star family resort. Build and upgrade buildings like restaurants or spas in order to attract more clients.
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In Paradise Island 2 mod apk, the sequel to one of our favorite games, build your empire from a bunch of straw huts into an elite 5-star family resort. With beautiful visuals and simple gameplay that is easy enough for anyone to pick up but still has you strategizing which buildings will fit where on this tropical island paradise: hotel game, we think it’s great fun.

Paradise Island 2 features include:

  • Building a unique paradise island from the ground up.
  • Bountiful quests, varied decorations and tons of new stuff.
  • Easily add new and exciting buildings to your island paradise.
  • Gain access to exclusive items, features & venues.
  • Level up and earn cash faster by optimizing your resort.
  • Bring in the crowds with better attractions and improved amenities.

Gameplay of Paradise Island 2 mod apk

The gameplay is pretty straight forward. Your goal is to choose where to place buildings on the land to earn money. Buildings are divided into four different categories: leisure, food, goods, and production. Leisure buildings include beach huts for relaxation or a cinema for entertainment. You can also place buildings that sell food like a restaurant or bakery, produce goods like a chocolate factory, or offer services like a clinic for healing wounded guests.

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As you play, you’ll unlock new types of buildings that will become available in all four building categories. When starting out with the game only Leisure, Food, Goods and Production are available to be built on your land. As you progress through quests and other goals you will unlock these other category buildings. They have a gold border around them indicating that they are not available to be built until you unlock it in the game.

Quests and other goals

The quests in Paradise Island 2 are what really set this game apart from many others out there. You can tell the developers spent some time on these as each one is unique and interesting. Some quests are unlocked by leveling up, while many others have special requirements or conditions for completion such as a certain number of leaves on the tree given to you in an earlier quest.

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In addition to quests there are goals that reward you with bonus cash or other prizes. These do not advance the story line but give you more things to do in Paradise Island 2. Completing them awards some coins, but even more importantly, it can sometimes award you with speed-ups that allow you to finish a building project or other action faster than normal. These goals are not necessarily difficult or time consuming to complete and are worth the effort when you’re waiting for something else to happen in the game.

Paradise Island 2 different building types


The beach huts and cinema help to collect more visitors on your island. A resort for a family vacation will need a place to relax or entertain themselves with movies from the cinema. Beach huts collect money from those who come and visit them as well as provide service that some may find necessary such as charging batteries. A cinema provides entertainment for guests by showing movies.


Restaurants and bakeries supply food, which some may need as an ingredient for cooking or just to satisfy their hunger. Bakeries produce cakes, pastries, and other sweets to sell to customers. Restaurants can be casual or formal dining depending on what type of establishment you want it to be.

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The chocolate factory, ski lodge and candy shop produce goods that you may need in various recipes such as sauces, cakes and other sweets. Ski lodges provide service for those who want to indulge in skiing or snowboarding while the candy store provides visitors with candies, chocolates, and other sugary treats.

Final verdict

Paradise Island 2 mod apk is a great game for anyone looking to build and manage their own resort. With its variety of quests, you’ll never get bored! It’s also easy enough that it can be played by just about anybody. If you’re interested in trying out this new strategy game, we recommend downloading the latest version from our website.