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The Tribez: Build a Village allows you to build your own virtual village from scratch. As the game progresses, you'll befriend an entire tribe of villagers and eventually grow into a thriving town full of unique buildings that function as mini-games in themselves!
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In Tribez apk farming task is simple, but the game emphasizes a farm adventure experience and interacting with charming characters. You explore an island full of interesting adventures in village life on this vibrant journey filled with warm moments. The island is large and has many valleys in mist. Explore new lands to increase construction, expand the area of ​​cultivation (by building structures), meet villagers, make friends with them – they may help you with their skills such as farming or collecting taxes. The game paints a beautiful world of village life and farm life.

The Tribez is packed with features that make it a great download for all fans of simulation games. You can begin by selecting one of the many island locations and then download the tribez apk to build a small settlement that will attract your neighbors in the form of friendly villagers. These villagers have their own unique personalities, and the more you get to know them, the more rewarding your relationship with them becomes. Not only that, but they will help you out with their own unique skills – from farming and fishing to mining!

The game’s production values are pretty high, with excellent 3D graphics that bring the island’s many locations to life, and a catchy soundtrack.

Features of the tribez mod apk

Building a small settlement and growing it into a thriving town is an engaging experience with many features.

The first feature you’ll download the tribez apk to download is getting to know your villagers. You’ll get to know their personalities and help them out with their skills such as farming or fishing. In addition to that explore the island’s terrain and find hidden treasures.

The Tribez offers an engaging experience of building a small settlement into a thriving town with many unique features. For example, build your own dream village by downloading the tribez apk and meeting a cast of adorable villagers with their own unique personalities.

Each villager has his own personality, skills, and individual story to discover. For example, they can help you with their farming skills or collect taxes for you in exchange for fish that your fishermen have caught.

Another feature you’ll enjoy is exploring the island’s terrain and finding hidden treasures with your friends.

There is always something fun waiting for you in The Tribez: new adventures, new discoveries and new tasks. Your village grows and attracts more villagers like fisherman, farmers and woodcutters. They have their own unique personalities and can help you out with different skills but the only way to get their trust is by helping them out with small tasks.

The way you live your life on the island, the places you visit, the tasks you do are all up. You can explore different locations and make new discoveries in this colorful world. Besides there are many interesting stories to explore in this game.


After the intro, you start out with a small settlement and slowly build it up as you grow crops and meet villagers. You can explore the island’s terrain and find hidden treasures with your friends by downloading the tribez apk. You get to customize every aspect of your village by upgrading structures, expanding the area of cultivation, and hiring new workers.

For example, if you want to create a thriving town full of happy people, you’ll need to make friends with them – they may help you out with their skills such as farming or collecting taxes. You also need to make sure that your villagers are content by trading fish for materials that they need such as groceries or tools.

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Final verdict

The Tribez is all about freedom and possibilities! You can explore the island of The Tribez to find hidden treasures and create engaging experiences. This colorful world has many features that are interesting for players of all ages, so it’s no wonder why this game is so popular.