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Toy Defense 2 mod apk (Unlimited Money/Stars) features 3D graphics, detailed units/maps rendering with lots of animation effects and spectacular visual game.
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Toy Defense 2 Mod apk is a tower defense game for android. The player takes control of towers that they will station in various strategic locations on the map, and uses them to defend his base from advancing waves of enemy forces. There are four different types of towers, each with their own unique weapon type and specialty. When an enemy unit reaches a tower’s location, it will fire at the unit continuously until either the tower is destroyed or the unit is dead. If a tower isn’t destroyed in time, it may be captured by the attacking forces, making it unavailable to the player for the rest of the battle.

toy defense 2 mod

Each tower is also equipped with a limited amount of spare ammunition that it can expend to deal additional damage. Ammunition will be re-supplied periodically throughout the battle, and towers will never run out of ammo when defending against enemy forces.

Toy defense 2 features

  1. Toy Defense 2 mod apk has three game modes: PvE missions, tournaments, and real-time PvP battles on Arena.
  2. There are 290 action-packed tower defense missions in this strategy game absolutely free.
  3. This TD game is famous for its World War II campaigns like Battle of Iwo Jima and Operation Overlord.
  4. Vehicles from Great Britain, the U.S.A., the USSR, and Germany are available to build your army.
  5. You can also create your own custom commanders for your army improvement with this td game.
  6. The unit’s upgrades depend on which commander you have chosen as well as what level they are currently at in this Toy Defense 2 mod apk.

How to Play Toy Defense 2 mod

  • Choose your side from the U.S.A., Great Britain, Germany, or the USSR before you begin your mission.
  • Use gold to construct new towers and upgrade existing ones from four different tower types: machine gun, anti-aircraft gun, rocket launcher and flamethrower.
  • Your units are barracks-produced troops with various abilities. The British troops have the best damages, while the Russians are cheap. The Americans and Germans can use special abilities to defend your towers against waves of enemies.
  • Earn stars by destroying all enemy units at a wave in quick succession and gain additional points for capturing an enemy tower or taking down a boss unit before it reaches you base towers.
  • Unlock new units by gaining experience, completing missions and earning achievements.
  • Special unit-specific skills can be used in tower defense game battles when the special attack meter is full. Some examples include airstrike attacks or making a unit temporarily invincible for a short time.
  • Units take damage from enemy fire and die when their health reaches zero. However, you can use your gold to revive them after a short delay.

Toy defense Game Tips

  • Use the higher ground to gain a tactical advantage over the enemy units in tower defense game battles.
  • Upgrade towers for maximum efficiency and purchase special skills if you have enough gold left in your budget. Some of these skills make it easier to capture enemy towers, reducing damage from enemy attacks and other useful abilities.
  • You can earn more stars per level by earning additional points for completing the mission in quick succession or capturing an enemy tower. Also, some levels have a bonus objective that rewards you with extra war points if you complete it by capturing the boss unit instead of destroying all enemy units.
  • The commander’s attack damage and health increases with each level gained, along with all the other upgrades available to any unit in the game. You can also upgrade your special skills with points from completing missions and capturing enemy towers.
  • You have to complete all levels on the Arena by winning them against other players in PvP battles to gain more war points and access better units, weapons, and commanders.
  • Use real money to purchase new towers, weapons and special skills that will help you complete missions on hard difficulty.

toy defense 2


  1. Your main objective as a soldier in tower defense game battles is to destroy all enemy units before they destroy your base towers. You gain one star for each unit killed. Also, completing a mission in quick succession or capturing an enemy tower earns you more stars per level.
  2. You can pause a battle like European war if it is taking too long or just to see what the next wave will bring up. Pausing also allows you to replenish your units if there are no gold mines in range, and move them out of harms way if they have taken excessive damage and need healing.
  3. You can sell a captured enemy tower in the Shop if you don’t need it to complete the mission. This will give you war points and some gold back for your budget, but you won’t be able to use that tower afterwards. If the tower has upgrades available, you can also sell those for additional gold.

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Closing words

Tower Defense games are a lot of fun and can be addicting. Your goal is to destroy all enemy units before they destroy your base towers. You gain one star for each unit killed, so it’s important to use the higher ground if possible because you have an advantage over enemies on lower grounds.

Upgrading towers will also help you maximize efficiency with your gold budget as well as purchase special skills that make capturing enemy towers easier or give protection against damage from enemy attacks.

There are some levels where there is bonus objectives that rewards players by completing them by capturing the boss unit instead of destroying all enemy units which makes it more challenging but worth the reward! The game gets harder when you reach level 11-20 in Arcade Mode after winning battles against other players on the arena to gain better weapons, towers, and special skills.


Do I need to spend real money to play a tower defense game?

Many games, especially those that are free to play (F2P), allow you to earn ways to progress in the game without spending money. However, if you want access to better units and weapons as well as upgrades for your special skills, it might be better if you purchase these with real money.

What are barracks-produced troops?

Barracks-produced troops are usually less expensive than those produced at a factory or laboratory. They also have a relatively low level of health and damage, but they can do well in early stages of a tower defense game battle where there are not as many enemies.

How do I earn stars in tower defense games?

In a few tower defense games, stars are used to measure your performance. In most cases, you get one star for completing a stage and additional stars can be earned by killing enemy units in quick succession or capturing an enemy tower.