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War Dragons mod apk (Unlimited Money/Gems) is an exciting and addictive mobile game that won't leave you bored. It's a download-to-play app, so it doesn't cost anything to try the game out!
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War Dragons mod apk is not just a visually stunning 3D real-time strategy game. It also has an engaging story line and incredible audio quality to make your gameplay experience even more immersive. You will be able to admire the amazing scenery as you lead your dragons on their missions, and when you can’t join in at the moment, you can use one of the many tactical tools to make pointers and place decoys for your teammates.

War dragons mod

Join a guild, help your teammates launch attacks and hold off enemy raids in true real-time fashion. Become an expert tactician with different strategies that range from raiding mountain-top castles to fighting on vast deserts. With Dragons! you can start to play right now since there is no download or installation required.

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War dragons mod apk features

  1. Alive, breathing world that is constantly being fought over by powerful guilds.
  2. Tactical map overlay lets you see where the action is happening and plan your attacks accordingly.
  3. Control the game through chat controls, allowing you to jump straight into battle when you have some time to spare.
  4. Watch, learn and eventually master new tactics with the dynamic tutorials that place you in real-time gameplay scenarios.
  5. Gain access to powerful spells and clan boosters by earning glory on the battlefield.
  6. Collect resources to build and upgrade your own city. Spend them on research and production to raise the power of your army men or use them as gifts to increase your guild’s influence in territory.
  7. Create a guild to rally friends around and face off against rival guilds.
  8. Strategically set up times for battle in seven-day intervals via the calendar on your home screen.

War dragons mod

War dragons mod apk playing tips

Daily Call

Collect rewards by claiming the free reward every day, you can claim both gold and gems. You can only claim the reward once a day. You can redeem Gold, Battle Points and Gems from this daily call.


Don’t use all your power on raiding. One reason is raid gives you less resources than dragon training; another reason is that you will be raided back by other players around the world. The dragons you lose in the battle will be looted.


If you have enough power, try to open up two slots for training new dragons. Train the same dragon type and level up your army quickly.


Gameplay is very simple on War Dragons. You can spend your time getting into the gameplay by selecting your dragon, battle, and then guild members to join in on the fight. Once you’ve selected your options, you can then head back to the game content menu after taking care of any necessary preparations.

You can tell if you’re ready for some War Dragons gameplay when you see a notification that says “Battle Ready!” on the screen. Select this to start your game and get started.

When playing, players will be able to spend gold or gems on battling or raiding games. Players are also able to purchase gold or gems with real cash if they would like to acquire them quicker instead of waiting for their end rewards from battles or raids. If you’d like, players can even purchase items from the shop with gold instead of gems.

If a player is not ready to start a fight but would still be interested in attacking other players, they will have the option to raid bases without being forced into battle. Doing so will cost the player battle points that are gained at a certain amount per raid. These battle points will be deducted from the player’s point bank, but a reward will be given for completing a successful raid.

How to download OR install war dragons

Download the apk file directly from our website. You’ll find all mod files in your “Download folder” directory after installation. If you have trouble downloading the apk file, use a different browser.
Click “Install Selected” in the download directory.
Once it is installed you can launch it from your home screen. And go ahead and enjoy War dragons mod apk.

The verdict

War dragons mod apk is a great game that challenges your tactics skills so you always need to take into account the multiple dragons with different attributes before you make a move. This game is worth the download and playing, so why not give it a go now?


How do I level up?

To level up you need Power Points, which are earned after each battle or raid takes place. The number of points you get increases based on your level and current power rating. You can also buy power points with gems or gold.

How do I get more power?

You can choose to either “raid” or “train”. Raiding will take away resources, while training will take time before it has an effect on your game but you’ll be able to put two dragons in the same slot while only using up one slot for training instead of two slots for raids.

What are medals?

Medals are rewards that players earn when they successfully raid bases or obtain them from chests. Medals are used to purchase items in the shop.